Buyer’s Agent

Estate Agent / Buyer's Agent

An Estate Agent will no doubt be very friendly towards you as a Home buyer.

But it’s very easy to forget that the Agent (by the way whose job title is actually Sales negotiator!) is acting on behalf of the Vendor – not you – and is trying to get the highest possible price.

But who is acting on your behalf?

Well if you want to save a lot of money – and stress – on your next house purchase, then the Property Matchmaker will be on your side. He will use his experience in viewing and buying properties, to negotiate and deal with the Estate Agent on your behalf – i.e. you will have your own Buyer’s Agent.

And only if you save money off the asking price, are you charged a fee – which is a small % of the saving.

In other words – if you don’t win, it’s no fee!

A property purchase is normally people’s biggest expenditure in their life time – so why wouldn’t you ensure you get the best deal you can?

So please Contact Us for further information.