• How much does the Property Matchmaker service cost?

    When the Property Matchmaker acts as a buyer’s agent -i.e. on behalf of the person buying the property, then unless a saving is made, there is no fee payable. When a discount is achieved off the advertised asking price, a fee of 10% of the saving is payable upon the purchase of the property.

    For vendors selling their property at a discount, then typically the investor will pay a very small % (of the selling price) fee, and so it is free to the vendor.


  • Are you involved in land deals?

    Yes we are very interested in land too.

  • Is this for commercial as well as residential property?


  • Who is this service for?

    We can help buyers wanting to achieve the best possible price – whether that’s for a home to live in, or as an investment.

    We also cater for investors looking for deals, and we help agents with great property deals looking for investors with the funds and ability to take them on.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us directly via email : details@thepropertymatchmaker.co.uk or Register